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'They are after their pockets' - Uniabuja SUG Slams NANS Leadership (Video)

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In view of the recent killings of Nigerians in South Africa (Xenophobia), the South African Embassy invited notable stakeholders to proffer solutions to the crisis.

Amongst those notable stakeholders was the gallant Students Union Government President of University of Abuja (Comr. Sulaiman Rabiu).

In a PRESS release made by NANS titled: (XENOPHOBIC KILLINGS STRUGGLE, UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA PRESIDENT CAUGHT SABOTAGING) where the SUG President of the University was accused of being a saboteur has been replied by the University Union in a Press statement by the P.R.O (Comr. Ozioma Oguine) below:

The SUG PRESIDENT UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA was also invited by the South African Embassy along side other Student bodies including the Youth Movements (YM) ably led by Bello Shagari in order to regurgitate and provide drastic solutions towards the Killings of our brothers and sisters  in South Africa.

It is a well known fact that the SUG President Uniabuja is a peaceful leader who like Nelson Mandela always prefer dialogue to violence in solving issues affecting the Students and Nigerian Youths at large. He has demonstrated true leadership beyond every fabric and strata proving to Nigeria that indeed true leadership exists.

We write without fear or favor to cantamot and greatly disagree with the NANS body over their accusations on our President. 

Why would our President sabotage the So-called movement of the NANS President?

 Last month, he was told to mobilize his students for a protest against the South Africans by the NANS BODY which he declined not because he doesn't  want to or failed to show solidarity but due to ongoing SHITES Movement in Abuja at that time and he told NANS LEADERSHIP that he can't risk leading his students to a protest at that very bamboozled moment but proposed to the NANS leadership in question that a peaceful dialogue with the South African Embassy will go a long way in solving impeding crisis.

The SUG PRESIDENT University of Abuja who in the spirit of Unity, solidarity and love for his country men and women engaged the South African Embassy (Ambassador) in a heated dialogue to bring about a lasting solution to the problem have been putting in efforts to see this dream become a reality and the crisis resolved.

We would like to condemn the babaric act perpetuated by the NANS delegates at the embassy yesterday, emphasising that it is not just barbaric and premordial but a clear evidence that the NANS leadership allowed selfish interest and personal grudges to outshine and supercede their acclaimed main purpose alleging that "the SUG PRESIDENT was also there to get a part of what they are struggling for and surviving on which is cheap coins for their personal pockets".

The SUG PRESIDENT UNIVERSITY of Abuja is not violent and not hungry but a leader who gives priority to his students and the Nigerian youths but at home and in diaspora more than any other thing.

See Video interview by the President below:

NANS leadership have shown to all Students and Nigerians that they are fighting for their personal interests and not for liberation and interest of the Students and youths of this country as most of them are graduates disguised as students. 

The Students Union Government University of  Abuja will also like to use this medium to call on all Nigerian Youths, all Nigerian Students to Speak against this ill - vice that is threatening our peaceful co-existence as Africans.

'They are after their pockets' - Uniabuja SUG Slams NANS Leadership (Video) 'They are after their pockets' - Uniabuja SUG Slams NANS Leadership (Video) Reviewed by Bishop Idris on September 05, 2019 Rating: 5

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